Martha Miller at TrastevereI’m Martha Miller, a freelance writer and editor based in Texas. My work has appeared in a variety of publications including:

Family Circle • Parents • The Christian Science Monitor • Catholic Digest • The Writer

Bead & Button

Transitions Abroad • Go World Travel • • International Living

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic

In January 2008, my two syndicated columns, Living Online and Living Greenly, debuted. They appear regularly in parenting publications across the country: Atlanta Parent, Austin Family, Baton Rouge Parents, Coulee Parenting Connection, Houston Family, Irving Parent, Parents & Kids, Kansas City Baby, Kansas City ParentSacramento Parent, Wilmington Parent, and Your Child Today to name just a few.

I’m not just writing about the green life, my family and I are truly living it. We were challenged to go a whole month on one tank of gasoline and we did it! Here are the television news stories.

During the nearly two years I lived in Italy, I was a frequent contributor to Wanted in Rome, an English-language magazine. Even though I’ve repatriated, I can’t get Italy out of my system so I blog about living in Rome. Now I’ve written a book, Times New Roman: How we quit our jobs, gave away our stuff, moved to Italy, and squandered our son’s inheritance. It will be available Fall 2016. 

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