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Ho, Ho, Huh?

My sister Marilyn loves Christmas more than any other holiday. When we were kids, she managed to make it last as long as possible by opening her presents at a ridiculously slow pace…especially for a child. Simultaneously, our parents, our

Two Years in Rome: A New Life in an Old City

My husband and I are not trust-fund babies, nor self-made millionaires. But like many Transitions Abroad readers we dreamed of living outside the U. S. After much discussion, research, and planning, we boarded the airplane in Houston, Texas with only two bags

The Bird’s the Thing

Wanted in Rome (Nov 2002) Practically every continent has some version of a thanksgiving festival, from Africa’s Kwanzaa, to India’s Pongal and China’s August moon festival. Each of these cultures celebrates the end of the harvest with a shared feast of the bounty. However, celebrating

A Quick Check Online Could Mean A Check in Your Mailbox (May 2005) Seeing my name in print gives me a boost to keep writing and to keep pitching. On a whim, several months ago, I Googled my own name along with the words “Rome” and “Italy” to see if anything I

Writing within the Borders: Texas Writing Groups Share Their Secrets for Success

Scribe: Writers’ League of Texas Newsletter(Jan 2005) As diverse as the state’s different regions, Texas writing clubs span the landscape and genres. Staying true to Lone Star roots of lending a hand whenever asked, the following tips were generously offered by